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How to Analyze a Case

Here is a three-step procedure, which all parties must follow in every case. You can follow these three steps to help you evaluate any case, If you contact a lawyer about a case, it will help you to have this information available.

Step 1.

Recognize that all unfairness is not against the law, although unfairness may be an indication of a violation of law. The starting point for any legal analysis is the claimed violation of law. State what law is claimed to be violated.

Step 2.

In a court of law, the plaintiff must prove the violation of law and the defendant must defend against the violation of law by presenting evidence through witnesses and documents. Some people wrongfully assume that a victim’s testimony is not evidence. Don’t forget to take into account the victim’s testimony. State the names of the witnesses and to what facts they can testify.

Step 3.

Documents can take any form, including notes, letters, calendars, computer storage, e-mail, audio recordings and video recordings. Describe the documents, which can help prove the case or defense and the important part of each document:

If you follow the same procedure for each party, you will have a preview of what the court will see. How would you decide the case? 

When you call a lawyer, the more information you have organized, the better for you and your lawyer.

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